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Odie loves to paint water with water for the joy of painting. Odie is a native of New Orleans and a re-emerging watercolor artist. He began painting and drawing as a young boy and loved painting sailboats, surfers, and seascapes. These subjects allow Odie to depict his passion for the ocean. Following high school he took a thirty year hiatus from painting to complete college and raise his family. Odie returned to his love of painting in the summer of 2008. His paintings evoke a sense of calm even if the subject is exciting. His education in art ranges from college level fine art classes to local workshops. His artistic goal is to delight his patrons - whether working on commission or doing a studio painting - by creating quality paintings of inspiring subjects.

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I truly enjoy sharing my paintings. I hope anyone who sees my art finds some enjoyment. To invest in an artist is one of the greatest compliments for an artist.

I sell my art and it is available in several formats including framed originals, framed prints, unframed originals and unframed prints. Prices range from $500 for framed originals to $25 for unframed prints.

Being able to paint is a dream come true. When I was a young man I dreamed of being a professional artist but being a realist I completed my education as an engineer. I have been blessed by the grace of being a husband and father as well as experiencing a successful engineering career. I would not trade anything in the world for the joy received from my family while my artistic dreams were dormant. Fortunately, late in life I've been able to resurrect my artistic ambitions. I feel I have the best of both worlds. Life is good!

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There is a small boy walking hand in hand with his father down a tattered dock. He is somewhat afraid of falling through the gaps between the dock boards but he is confident that daddy will take care of him and not let that happen. Dawn hasn’t broken; they’re going fishing and need bait. The dock and bait house are weather beaten and everything appears in gray scale. The little boy peers between the dock boards and sees the shimmering surface of the water below. He sees the reflections on the water; fluid, swirling, ever-changing. He doesn’t understand what he sees but he is mesmerized. This was my first memory.

The small boy grows, learns how to swim and joins a swim team. Countless hours over the next fifteen years are filled with swim practice and swimming competitions. As he grows he is literally immersed in water. Summers are spent at the pool or beach. Swimming, boating, beach-combing, fishing, sailing. Water is ever present. He serves as a life guard during high school summers. Also, as he grows he becomes a proficient ship modeler. He learns hull shapes, sail rigs and rigging. During college summers, he works a tugboat and oil barge on the Mississippi River; first as a deckhand, then as a tankerman. He learns about life on a working boat: the people, the places, the boats, the waterways. During college, he joins a competitive sailboat racing crew. Weekends are spent tacking, jibing, reaching and running. This was my childhood and adolescence.

During high school and college, the young man takes art classes. After his first year of college, his father gives him a watercolor paint set, pad of paper and a surfing magazine. The magazine is filled with images of the ocean. He begins painting water with water. Waves, surfers, boats, beaches, shorebirds. A watercolorist is born.

I am at ease in, on or near the water. My paintings reveal this peaceful easy feeling. The surface of water is my inspiration: smooth or rough, colorful or gray, fluid, swirling, ever-changing, always reflecting. Each of my paintings begins with a reservoir of water. Watercolor painting is a natural extension, progression and expression of this fluid inspiration.

I paint water with water for the joy of painting, I am a watercolorist.

Odie K. Tucker, Jr.

Thanks for visiting my website. Feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.